Thu. May 23rd, 2019

“My Landlord Has Taken Over My Wife” – Husband Cries Out For Help

A 51- year-old civil servant, Marcel Oreweme has accused his wife, Faith, of infidelity and urged an Iyana-Ipaja Customary Court in Lagos, to dissolve their marriage.

The petitioner said his marriage troubles started in 2011 when he suspected his wife of having extra marital affair with their landlord.

“I had no evidence she was seeing the landlord; I just noticed her ways weren’t pure. Also, there was a day my wife left the house around 5.30am on the pretext of getting to work early. I was so curious that I trailed her,” he said.

Oreweme said he sneaked inside the bus his wife boarded with another man but they never noticed.

“My wife sat in the front while the man drove and I wondered what their plan was. When they got to their destination, I came down from the bus and sadly I received the shocker of my life.

“My wife and her lover went into a restaurant and immediately I entered, I heard her introduce herself to his friends as his wife. I was dumbfounded. I kept wondering where, when and how we got divorced. I don’t know if she doesn’t want me anymore,” he said.

The father of three told the court that his wife was fond of returning home late without a feeling for their children.

“I cook for our children before she returns from work. She is never available to cater for us. Even when she is eventually around, there is always disagreement. I can’t ever forget how she hit my head with a rod during our last argument,’ he added.

Mrs Oreweme denied the allegations, saying: “During our last argument, my husband beat me mercilessly till I became unconscious. It was his friends that rushed me to the hospital.”

She also said her husband abandoned her in the hospital until her uncle defrayed her medical bills and took her home.

“I never used a rod on him he was the one who did. What I meant by introducing myself as the man’s wife was because he is from the same hometown as my husband,” she said.

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