Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

PHOTOS: Checkout The New Lekki Beach *A New Delight For All

With the stunning Atlantic Ocean and its beaches at your forefront, indulge in breathtaking ocean-front views, elegant hangout, and the nearby world-class Wooden-built Oceanic Lounge, I don’t think there’s any other place to chill with your family and friends aside from the Enthralling New Lekki Beach.
With it Enchanting scenery and glistening waters and world-class attractions, the New Lekki Beach is nestled in one of Nigeria’s most expensive cities.
There is the distinctive Oceanic Lounge, which is surrounded by Intra-coastal Waterway, and can accommodate hundreds of elegant guest. There are great amenities such as free high-speed Internet access and floor-to-top Ocean view.

At Oceanic Lounge, you can enjoy the essence of its aqua sport centre while you enjoy fascinating games. Drift to sleep under the warm sunshine waterside or on the beach.
Security is of the highest bliss at the New Lekki Beach, as your safety is first on the priority list of the Managers of the New Lekki Beach; in all corners of the beach, there are faithful sentries seating at your safe disposals.

There are dozen miles of white sand, ocean surf, landscaped dunes and shaded picnic areas rank as one of the area’s most scenic stretches of beachfront.

There is a Volleyball, thatched huts and people-watching.
A small stretch of sand, with sporadic lifeguard huts and snacks. The Beach has attracted local and int’l visitors as they go to socialise, sunbathe, surf, swim, see and be seen.

No doubt, the New Lekki Beach is a perfect home for relaxation and daily enjoyment!!!




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