Sat. Jun 15th, 2019

PHOTOS: Meet The Nollywood Actress Who Said ‘No Actor Can Arouse Her Sexually’

A fast rising Yoruba actress, Anu Sosanyahas boasted that none of her male colleagues can arouse her sexually even when playing romantic roles on set.

The actress, who is well referred to as Empress Sosanya made this declaration during a recent interview with Vanguard.

I am yet to meet that actor who will arouse me on set. I don’t get turned on easily. In fact when that happens, I will call for a press conference,’  she boasted.


The mother of one, who isn’t so proud having a child outside wedlock further said she’s yet to meet the kind of man that would turn her on sexually.

‘I have not met that kind of man. It has to be natural, genuine, and delivered with ease. Sex is communication, it is passing a message to one’s partner. If I’m in a relationship, I know it is not right to have sex outside marriage but I have to know and understand the sexual ability of my future partner. This is somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with. Sex is fun,’she dropped.

Popular for her role in Edidi, where she played a lesbian role alongside Mercy Aigbe Gentry, Empress further boasted that though it’s been a while she had sex, she’s yet to meet the man that would make her want sex every minute.

Mercy Aigbe Gentry and Empress Anu Sosanya on the set of EdidiMercy Aigbe Gentry and Empress Anu Sosanya on the set of Edidi

In her words, ‘It’s been a long time but I am looking for that relationship that will make me want to have sex every second and every minute. For now, I want to be very sure, I don’t want to have sex for the sake of having sex. I need a person that will not make me cry, take me for granted or let me down.’

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