Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

PHOTOS: Some Facts About Abuja National Mosque Everyone Should Know

The Abuja National Mosque, was built in the 1980s, is a national monument to religiosity which belonging to all Nigerians. Which is few meters away from the siting of this is the National Ecumenical Centre where Christian events of national significance always take place.

The way the mosque looks, it can tell that the amount used to build this mosque would definitely be millions of dollars, Anyways, the mosque is soo beautiful and even added beauty to the landscape of the city.

According to Hongkiat Survey, the Abuja National Mosque is among the Top 50 Most Beautiful Religious centers in the world.

You don’t only worship ALLAH in the mosque; the mosque also has an apartment for a library, a religious school, and a conference hall.

The golden dome and the four minarets of the national mosque dominate the skyline of Abuja’s Central Area. You can actually locate the mosque, anywhere from Zone 10 to Wuse Zone 3.  The current chief imam of national mosque abuja is – Professor Ahmad Sa’id Galadanci

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