Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

‘Young Moms Forum’ Celebrates End of Year Party with Widows (Photos)

As part of Young Moms Support Initiative’s mandate to advocate for a healthy society, where every Women can benefit from the values of societal opportunities in-spite of their Ordeals. Young Moms Forums through the leadership of Mrs. Vivian SonnyNsirim celebrated Widows in the Eastern part of Nigeria, giving them gift items, food stuffs to go home with, and inspiring them to leverage on the hopes ahead.

Mrs. Vivian Sonny-Nsirim

The celebration was part of Young Moms Forum’s end of the Year party celebration which is done at various States in the Country. Young Moms Forum is the biggest Community of Young Mothers globally. The Facebook platforms houses over one million young mothers and women, cutting across various parts of the World. 

Young Moms Support Initiative recently celebrated Widows in the North, and the event took place at Abuja. They’re traveling to other Parts of the country to give Widows the hope to continue to Live through their rest of times.

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