Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Photos of Adebayor’s junior brother Rotimi who ended his life by committing suicide

Emmanuel Adebayor’s junior brother known as Rotimi Adebayor who was also a footballer but due to certain unexplained reasons he stopped football.

Rotimi took his own life by committing suicide after his elder brother, Emmanuel Adebayor refused to forgive him for constantly disturbing his peace.

Rotimi stayed in Togo-Lome, Totsi to be specific and stole a lot of cash, swapped jerseys of his brother, chains and other valuable materials.

He also allegedly stole a common PSP Game belonging to his teammate in their dressing room when he was sent to an Academy abroad.

I had the privilege to meet him once hanging out with 3 slay queens along a school known as ‘Protestant College’ located in Togo, Lome-Totsi Agbalepedogan and I must admit, he was a gyalist.

He once wrote negative news to clubs where Emmanuel Adebayor was playing for with the aim of terminating his career with them.

He shamefully ended his life by cutting his veins on his hand 3 years ago.

See Photos Below:

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