Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

“Why Buhari Must Step Down.” – Atiku 100% DG, TM Tanimu Kazeem

Director General of Atiku 100% and President of Initiative for Qualitative Leadership and Progressive Change (IQLPC), TM Tanimu Kazeem has put President Muhammadu Buhari on a blasts. He spoke with a hosts of News Men in a recent Meet and Greet Press Parley. He says the Buhari led administration has failed Nigerians with the way they’ve have handled the country’s affair. And now, it is obvious that Nigerians have identified why they’re suffering.

In his vociferous tone, he says; “Nigeria has come of age, and we need driving Leadership who can project Nigeria with Modern Economic Policy. Nigeria possesses 30% of earths remaining resources, and it’s a pity that we still struggle to define our path. Our economic opportunities doesn’t reflect on its citizens. Millions of jobs lost in less than four years. The stock exchange market is deteriorating, and the ordinary Nigerian still struggle to feed.” Mr. Kazeem muses.

“Buhari should better step down, and allow the State of the Nation to gain balance. The suffering is just too much, and we cannot continue to Leverage on his administration’s futile quest. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has all the experiences and expertise to take us there. He understands the system and the flow of what the citizenry long for. Nigeria will surely be a better place, but we need to sanitize the system from crooked leadership.” Kazeem Tanimu concludes.

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