Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

2019 Presidential Elections: Reno Omokri To Provide Free Bus Rides For Nigerians

Former Presidential Aide Reno Omokri has pledged to provide free bus rides for Nigerians intending on travelling to vote after last week’s postponement. The best selling author in several tweets wrote :

1-I read on my TL many Nigerians who say they traveled to vote and were frustrated by the postponement and cant afford to travel again. God willing, I‘ll provide buses to and fro 4 of the geopolitical zones for such people IRRESPECTIVE of how you intend to vote #BusesForDemocracy

2-It is the intention of President @MBuhari, in instigating the postponement, to frustrate voters and cause a low voter turnout. We must not allow that to happen. I call on other wealthy Nigerians to help facilitate a high turnout by providing #BusesForDemocracy to ALL Nigerians

3-God willing, I‘ll provide modalities/logistics for the buses. I wish I was rich enough to provide buses to and from all the geopolitical zones, but for now my pocket can only afford 4 zones. But if you can help, please do something. Frustrate the frustraters #BusesForDemocracy

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