10 Silly Habits Of Most Nigerians When They Become Graduates

I know that many of us might have that neighbor, friend or relative who have bagged degree or diploma, yet acts so silly and annoying

Every point listed in this write-up boils down to pride and are further buttressed with observations

Without wasting time, let’s discuss the silly habits displayed by most graduates

Note: This is NOT a generalization of all graduates. It’s just an average sizable numbers of the silly ones

10 Silly Habits of Most Nigerians When They Become Graduates

1. They Discriminate against the not so Educated/Illiterates

I know that it’s never easy to be a graduate in a country like this, but that’s not justifiable to discriminate against other people. Some of them are always quick to label other people illiterates at any slight provocation. I have witnessed many scenes when several corpers where bashing a bus conductors labelling him an illiterate when the “give me my change” duel arose

To some graduates, in as much as you were not fortunate to pass through the four walls of a university, they see you as a mediocrity. This is one of the foolishness displayed by some graduates.

2. They Intimidate other people with the use of grammar

This is common with the female folks. They will always want to show off in public places that they have good articulation of pronunciation, spellings, dictions etc, even when the situation doesn’t warrant it. However, they may be very fluent in their mother tongue but when in public places, they will always want to show to people that they are grammatical good in Queens’ English, speaking like Celine Dion. If you speak Yoruba to them, they will respond in English cos they feel they are too learned to speak their mother tongue

3. They are so full of themselves

Some of them are just so full of themselves. They don’t talk or mingle with their neighbours. It’s not as if they are introverted or something. They only act this way just to show that they are not of the same class with their neighbours

4. They are too Pompous to go into petty trade business

They are so pompous that dem no dey wash plates for house, dem no dey sweep, dem no dey assist for kitchen but when food land, na dem go first reach dia. I once told a friend to try venture into shoe making, see as the guy para for me. He was like, Tosyne what do you take me for? Have you forgotten I have a Bsc ?

5. They feel they are always Right

The Bible says “a fool is always right in his own path”. People below their education level should always respect their views, opinions and advice without questioning them. I have a friend who graduated from Lagos State University. I hate the fact that this dude always acts like he’s more intelligent and wiser that every other person. You can never win him in an argument. When he gives his own opinion and you give yours, he will always give you reason why you are wrong.

6. “I have arrived” attitude

Even in church, some of them will always want the ushers and congregation to notice their arrival. It happens

7. Unpleasing manner

It’s very shameful that some so called graduates are plain eeediots and can’t comport themselves in public places. They can’t control their anger, hence, they talk anyhow, behave anyhow, behave like touts when being provoked.

8. They become too matured to be corrected

Dia mama no fit control them again because they think they have seen more than her. Every advice or counsel is always rejected, because they consider it as old school. Smh

9. They expect you to greet them first

I have quite a few of them in my BBM. They are always feeling too big to be the first person to greet or strike up a chat. The pride wey some of dem get pass Saraki own

10. Feel free to add the last one

I drop my pen at this point cool

Original writer: Tosyne2much

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