Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

Why Men Treat Side-Chicks Better Than Wives

Gone are the days when an average young lady anticipated being graced with the title of Mrs Somebody. Nowadays, there is a growing trend of young girls being proud to be dating a married man/sugar-daddy. Aside from the scandalous Toke/Maje/Anita saga, Former Governor in Nigeria reportedly beat up his wife recently in London because she confronted him for impregnating his mistress. This same man publicly displays his love for the young girl he has been dating since she was 18yrs of age.. He showers her with the finest things of life whilst treating his own wife with disdain.

In day to day life, so many women suffer in the hands of their husbands, you will see men spending all their earnings on women outside but refuse to pay their own children’s school fees. This is what I find so disheartening… Morality is so unpopular in our present day.

But.. who is to blame for this new shameless trend? The “seductive” young ladies or the men who have trained them to believe it is more rewarding to be a mistress.

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