Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Propertify Nigeria Launches The Smartest Online Real Estate Marketplace

In the face of the growing need to digitize Nigeria, the Nigerian tech-community are working tirelessly to support the government’s plans to bring Nigeria to the fore-front of Technological Advancement, Propertify Nigeria is one of such initiatives that serves this wonderful and far-reaching purpose.

Propertify Nigeria is an Online Real Estate Marketplace, dedicated to providing Real estate Marketing and networking services in Nigeria.

It is a modern real estate property management system, which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your clients and communicate with anyone interested in your property.

If you’re looking for the easiest, smartest and trusted way to rent, sell or buy a House , Land or any real estate property,  then head straight to Propertify Nigeria search no more, propertify Nigeria is right in front of you.

Propertify Nigeria represents the truest means of handling the bulky real estate challenges. It also prides as the smartest online real estate portal in Nigeria,as proven by the following technological attributes:


The portal was designed with everyone in mind, including those who haven’t learnt how to turn on a computer, to easily list and manage their properties, communicate with their clients, and update everything about their profile.


Propertify’s “Property Search” Technology is close to none in efficiency, with the area radius search technology, you can easily locate properties for rent or for sale within a defined perimeter. For instance, if you’re around Okota in lekki, the website will show you all properties for Sale and for rent within Okota without bugging you with properties unconnected with your search.
It is a “precision website.” So your search result is exactly what you wanted and desired.The property Search also predicts the search area for you, making all properties almost at your fingertips.



The website currently ranks as one of the fastest websites in the world, according to the ratings of “pingdom” and GTmetrics.” The customization and responsiveness is second to none.


The Website is interactive, easy to use, and pages are all inter-linked, almost everything seems to be on the front page.

Why you need propertify Nigeria:

Propertify Nigeria is focused on delivering customer support, Propertify takes pride in excellence, delivering personalized, quality and timely support to clients inquiries, requests, etc through Phone, chats, emails and support ticket.

contact propertify Nigeria today on +2349051715504, or email:

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