Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

GOGAN: Is The Echoes of Good Governance finally Sounding at Nigerians Doorstep?

As part of her mandate to advocate for good governance in Nigeria, GOGAN came into the fore to bid for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

The Organisation is one of the biggest Political platform and structure in Nigeria, with a driving force that has accommodated millions of patriotic Nigerians who are committed to advocacy for good governance, rule of law and adherence to democratic ethos. 

GOGAN which means ‘Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria’ has done well in reviving the essence of good governance and transparent politicking through its salient advocacy and developmental ideas that promotes good governance in all part of the country.

Chief Felix Idiga

According to the Chairman/National Coordinator of the Organization, Chief Felix Idiga; he said GOGAN transcends advocating for just one person, administration, or otherwise – rather it is an Organisation that is committed to the promotion of peace, unity, mutual understanding and genuine reconciliation among party members and more importantly to cooperate with the party leadership at ensuring strict implementation of the party manifesto by political office holders across all levels by encouraging performance through awards and commendations.

GOGAN has peeped into the rich credentials of President Muhammad Buhari and his strong commitment to good governance, rule of law and due process, and in recognition of President Buhari as a beacon of good governance therefore undertake to showcase his achievements and drum support for his re-election in 2019, and GOGAN has done so well by mobilizing human and material resources to achieve this feat.

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