2019 Elections: John Gbor has vowed to handover power to the youths.


The All Progressives Grand Alliance’s (APGA) candidate in the February 16 presidential election, General John Gbor (retd.) has vowed to wrest power from less than 2 per cent members of the ruling class who he said have cornered Nigeria’s commonwealth and taken it to oversea banks thereby denying women and the youth.

Gbor who stated that the ruling class has only created a condition of hunger in the land pledged to handover power to youths and make youth empowerment the top priority of his presidency if elected.

Gbor, a retired general of the Nigerian army, stated this on Saturday in Abuja while receiving some youth under the auspices of Riverine Supreme Niger Delta Council who declared support for him preparatory to the presidential election.

He noted the Nigerian youth since 1960 had been ignored by the ruling class stating that over 20 million graduates were currently unemployed while the figure rounded up to 80 million when other unemployed Nigerians are put together.

He said: “Voting for Gen Gbor as the next president of this country simply means taking over the country from less than 2 per cent of Nigerians sharing our wealth, taking it overseas banks, denying our youth, denying our women, creating a condition of hunger in the country. I am going to take over Nigeria from this class of people and hand over to Nigerian youth.

“Since 1960, successive Nigerian government have ignored the youth. No one cares about the youth, no one cares about our women. Politicians take care of themselves and because they share the money among themselves and just give peanut to the Nigerian youth, the highly educated Nigerian youth who we spend a lot of money to train, cannot contest for anything in this country because they don’t have money, because they have monetized Nigerian politics.

“We have great leaders among the youths if they are given opportunity”. President Buhari will go overseas and tell the world that we have lazy youths.

“Nigerian youth are not lazy, Nigerian youth have been denied systematically by successive governments including the government of President Buhari.

He commended the youth for their resilience and patience for not replicating the Arab Spring in Nigeria which engulfed some of the Middle East countries due to mal-administration.

“We have been ignoring the Nigerians youth and by the grace of God I am going to be the president of this country and the youths will be empowered.

“On becoming the president of this country, the first consideration is youths empowerment because if we don’t do it quickly the time is coming when we can no longer contend with the angry youth.

Gbor attributed the calmness and patience of the youth to the teachings by clerics as well as the role of the traditional rulers who he said had firm control of the youths in their various domains.

“We thank God our youth are patient, they are calm, they have not risen up to kill us the elders. What is called the Arab spring has not come simply because we have good youths, unlike President Buhari who said they are lazy, they are very intelligent and very vibrant youths.

And also, we have traditional rulers in various communities who are in full control of these youths and are advising them and restraining them otherwise by now the politicians who are stealing our money, taking them to forign banks would not be allowed to sleep in their houses.

“So Nigerians youth through the youth of the Niger Delta, I say thank you for being good. Remain calm, just get up on February 16 and vote General John Gbor the Presidential Candidate of APGA”, the ex military general said.

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