Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Churchill Olakunle Gives Reasons Why The Youths Are Not Been Carried Along In Nigerian Politics

Ofcourse, the name Olakunle Churchill is a foremost name in both the Nigerian Political terrain, and awesomely a stakeholder in the Entertainment industry. 

Churchill has been grossly involved in a host of Humanitarian projects both in Nigeria and in Diaspora. The doctorate degree holder in Communication Sociale from the ISCG University is CEO to one of Africa’s fastest-rising Tech Company (Big Churchill Haven Limited).

In a recent chat with the Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Churchill expresses his desire to change the narratives in Nigerian Politics. 

“The Nigerian political terrain is very dynamic, and if we the youths can’t properly define our paths, our political future will be bleak. We complain that Nigeria Political system is ravaged with godfatherism without fitting the youths into the template. Then again, how come the youths still feels they’re not been carried along? It clearly shows there are certain things we’ve not gotten right…. Well, for me, part of the mandate of my Political Party is to educate and orientate Nigerians too. We need these education so we can properly shed the light to the Nigerian people. We are starting the ‘774 Orientational Campaign’ somewhat this year, so we can pierce all 774 local governments in the Country. With proper education on what Nigeria stands for, we can be able to craft a proper Nigeria that will Politically accommodate more Youths. It is high time we realise that the values of this great nation is how we package it to the outside world. We must value our homes first before it can be accommodating for us; with this our heart can be redirected towards building the future of this country. Truth is, you cannot shave a man’s hair in his absence!” Churchill concluded.

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