Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Tiwa Savage explains the meaning of her latest song ’49-99′

Nigerian top female singer, Tiwa Savage released a new single titled, 49-99 last week Thursday and since then the song has gotten national and international attention.

However, not everyone actually understand the meaning behind the song title 49-99. But Tiwa Savage in a chit chat with her followers on Twitter with the Hashtag TalkToTowa responded to a fan, who asked for the meaning of the song title.

Tiwa Savage in her explanation said, “It’s a bus that ought to have 49 passengers but ended up with 148 passengers with 99 people standing.”

In another report, Nigerians are expecting the released of Wizkid latest song ‘Ghetto Love’ before the end of September. Wizkid is known to be a close associate of Tiwa Savage.

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