Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

#HEALTHFACTS: Your tattoo should not stop you from donating blood to the needy

There is an unverified belief making the rounds that anyone who wears tattoo on his or her body cannot donate blood to the needy or those with health challenges.

Meanwhile, NGG.NG checks have proven that this is one of the popular myths.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Guide on assessing a Donor suitability4blood Donation disclosed that in as much as a donor is properly tested to determine his or her suitability, there is no problem if the fellow is not contaminated with any infection whatsoever.


“Individuals who present a history of any procedures involving penetration of the skin should be assessed for the risk of TTI (Transfusion-transmissible infection), based on when, where, by whom and how the procedure was performed. The BTS should define the deferral period, based on the sterility and safety of the procedure. If it is not possible to ascertain the sterility and safety of the procedure, the individual should be deferred for a period of 12 months”

So therefore, every individual can donate blood after going through a process called ‘‘DONOR SELECTION’’ which will confirm the suitability and capability of such an individual!

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