Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Can Shared Mobility replace Car Ownership in Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the countries enjoying shared mobility services in some of it Urban areas while numerous rural areas are still left untapped.

For those that do not know, Shared Mobility Service refers to the shared used of a vehicle, bicycle, or other transportation mode.

It is a transportation strategy that allows users to access transportation services on an as-needed basis.

In Nigeria, the likes of Uber, Taxify, O’Pay have been offering these services and with the way things are going, more of these kind of services are likely to spring up.

People in Lagos and Abuja for example are already getting accustomed to shared mobility service especially those in high brow areas.

Many of the users of shared mobility service even if they have their own personal cars discard it to enjoy the service that comes with just the tapping of the phones.

Very soon, it is possible people might not see the need to have personal cars as part of wealth as you can always make the order  and don’t have to bother about the maintenance of the car or get space to park it.

But taking a look at the economic situation in Nigeria, having a car might still be the best thing after doing the calculations especially if one is the type that need it on a daily basis.

Another thing is shared mobility service will reduce the need to learn how to drive as the desire to own a car reduces.

For now, Shared Mobility Service is growing but can it reduce car ownership in Nigeria? Send us your thoughts.


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