Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

#STYLETIPS: Here’s how to nail a Suit without a Tie

I know we are used to seeing a suit and tie go hand in hand, but have you ever struggled with ideas on how to stylishly wear your suit without a tie?

You’re probably worried that you won’t pull it off effortlessly and stylishly or you want style tips of how to adopt different variations of styling when wearing your suit without a tie since you are not a “Tie Guy”.

Well, that’s why you’ve got us. Today, allow us to kill all your worries and your doubts.

For most men, especially the Harvey Specter kind of guys, they feel awkward wearing a suit without a tie, and that’s absolutely normal. Suits and ties are like a needle and thread – they are meant to be together, but that doesn’t mean this fashion rule can’t be broken for the sake of style. Sometimes you want to just dress down and forego the tie.

And that’s okay too!

If you can wear a suit without a dress shirt, then you can do this too. And while at it, you can be creative with the look depending on your style preference, occasion as well as the type of suit.



suit without a tie

Wearing a formal suit without the tie gives you that incomplete look, you feel like something is missing. You don’t want to feel that way, instead wear a less formal suit that fits better with the occasion.

Go for lighter colors and fabrics with a less structured and slimmer notch lapel. If you want to go for a dark shade, the navy blue suit will serve you well.


suit without a tie

Just as I said in the first point, the same rule applies here. Without the presence of the tie, the attention will be on your shirt so pick a more casual shirt.

A denim shirt or a classic Oxford shirt in plain or patterned fabric is a very good choice if you’re dressing down.


suit without a tie

If you don’t want to wear a collared shirt, opt for one that prevents you from wearing a tie. A collarless shirt is a perfect choice when you want to wear a suit without a tie.

Suit without a Tie

If you ask me, I’d say a simple white shirt will always come handy. You can pair this with a navy blue suit jacket, burgundy suit, or a gray suit in window-pane pattern and a pair of suit friendly sneakers or loafers. Another alternative is a henley shirt.

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