Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Rwanda becomes the first African country to manufacture Smartphones

African country, Rwanda has gained a new status under the leadership of President Paul Kagame.

According to a latest report, Rwanda has become the first African country where smartphones will be manufactured.

This was made public on Monday, this means very soon some smartphones will carry the tag made in Rwanda as against the popular made in China tag.

Mara Group, which is the company in charge disclosed the phones will come in two versions, Mara 1 and Mara 2 and it will compete with the likes of Tecno and Samsung which are the leading smartphone brands in Africa.

Unlike other companies that assemble smartphones in Africa, Mara group will be manufacturing everything they need right in Kigali from mother board to every part of the phone.

According to Reuters reports, the phones will be built on Android operating systems and are meant to compete with the likes of Samsung and Tecno—the current frontrunners of the African smartphone market. The phones will cost 175,750 Rwandan francs for the X model (about $190) and 120,250 Rwandan francs for the Z (about $130).

The company stated that they are targeting customers who would be willing to buy a higher quality of smartphone.

Also in order to make purchase easy for buyers, Mara Group have reached agreements with local banks and firms, which will give buyers the access to pay for the phones within two years.

Mara Group also disclosed that a second manufacturing company will be opened in South Africa on the 17th of October.

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