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5 Bad Beard Habits That Are Destroying Your Beard

No matter how dedicated you are to growing, grooming and caring for your beard, we all fall into habits that affect beard growth. Maintaining a patchless full and luxurious beard requires more than just genetics, it requires proper beard management. Here are the 5 Bad Beard Habits that are destroying your beard.

You spent months and years trying to grow your beard, you applied certain beard products that enhanced the growth at some time, faced a lot of setbacks at the beginning of your beard journey but with patience, commitment, and hard work you finally won the “beard race” and joined The League of Extraordinary Bearded Gentlemen!

Everyone complimented you on your full, patchless luxurious beard, all your male friends became aspiring beard growers because of you…

Bad beard habits

…Then a few months along the line, you realize your beard is not the same, it’s no longer growing at the pace it used to, it’s not soft and lush anymore, you are developing patches in noticeable spots – it then dawn on you that you are gradually losing your seat amongst the bearded elite.

You apply certain products that are supposed to enhance the growth and your situation even worsens – beard thinning. You panic! wondering what is going wrong. Where did you get it all wrong?





Bad beard habits

A lot of guys love stroking their beards ‘cos as the saying goes – Ideas are often born from beard stroking. But stroking your beard is one thing, and pulling and picking it is something entirely different.

Pulling your beard guarantees loss of facial hair, causing unnatural patchiness. You end up pulling hairs out and you begin to lose beard hair at that spot where you always pull. This is not a great situation to find yourself in.

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That’s the no 1 Bad Beard Habit that is affecting your beard growth.


Bad beard habits

Dry beards, are you familiar with that? Yes, that’s because you don’t moisturize. Your beard craves a lot of moisture, especially the skin beneath it. Our beards love all the attention and care that we can give, you don’t have to be stingy with your time.

Don’t just wash it with bar soap for the sake of washing it, don’t make this grooming mistake because harsh soaps will dry out your skin and hair especially when you have sensitive skin. Instead, use a natural shampoo for men.

If you have patchy beards, use face moisturizer and beard oil to keep your face hydrated, healthy, moisturized, shiny and keep your whiskers strong.


Bad beard habits

Trimming your neckline can be very tricky. This is one of the common bad beard habits that can break your beard, a lot of guys fall into this category.

During the first 30 days of trying to grow your beard, you are going to find it looks scruffy. The scruffy look tempts you to shave it all off and feel the smoothness on your face again. While for some, the scruffy look tempts them to shape or trim it to look cleaner.

Resist the urge to shave, shape, trim, or cut any of the hairs in the beard. It’s not going to be easy but always remember that better days are ahead.
Allow it to grow for about 4 to 6 weeks, then you can trim the edges to even the growth.

To end this situation, just get beard trimming scissors and electric trimmer. Invest in a good one to help you trim your beard’s neckline properly.


Bad beard habits

Guys do this when they are bored or trying to kill time. Well, you’re not killing time, you’re killing your beards! Constantly touching and messing with your beard can weaken your strands, create knots, and cause uneven growth.

And if your hands are oily or dirty, you could be transferring germs to your face, causing acne or dandruff (if you have dry skin).

If you have a habit of always needing to stroke your beards, you will need to find something else to do with your hands. Stroke your belly instead bro!

And if you must stroke your beard, make sure you wash your hands regularly and do this in moderation. Avoid this totally if your beard is not full, ‘cos you run the risk of touching your skin when you stroke.

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Bad beard habits

Not cleaning your grooming tools creates room for bacteria to grow. Sterilize your clippers by spraying them with disinfectant for clippers. Clean your scissors by pouring a few drops of alcohol on a cotton ball and rub on it.

Don’t forget to clean your combs and brushes! Remove hairs with your fingers and wash with soap and water.


I hope you’ve found this guide on bad beard habits very useful. Kindly share with your bearded friends that could need this information.

Are there other bad beard habits that are not on the list? Do share with all of us in the comment section below. And if you have questions do not hesitate to ask.

Until next time, continue to do well, live well and dress really well. Keep Your Beard Game So Strong!

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