Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Arsenal: Mustafi says he is criticized for game he didn’t play

Arsenal defender and Germany international, Shkodran Mustafi has expressed his dissatisfaction over the criticisms he gets even for games he didn’t play.

The defender stated that the criticisms have become irrational.

He made this known during a statement with Der Spiegel as he recounted his experience when he first joined Arsenal in 2016. He didn’t taste any defeat during his first 21 games on arrival at Emirate stadium. But after his injury in 2018, things have never remain the same.

Mustafi while speaking on the criticism said, “But the criticism has become escalated and irrational. I have become a target. At one point, people even blamed me for a defeat in a game I had not played in.

He disclosed there were times he doubted his abilities but his wife had been his source of encouragement.

Mustafi’s latest statement comes after Emmanuel Petit had tagged him ‘King of Blunders’ after he gave away a penalty against Tottenham last season.


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