Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

After 20 years of professional football Petr Cech signs for Ice Hockey team Guildford Phoenix

Former Chelsea and Arsenal goalie, Petr Cech has signed a new contract with Ice Hockey team, Guildford Phoenix.

This comes after his 20 years of playing as a profession football.

An excited Petr Cech made this known via his social media handle on Wednesday night, where he said,

Some people seem to think I’ve changed my job. No I didn’t.

“Luckily my job at Chelsea doesn’t stop me in my spare time from playing the game I loved as a kid and which I’ve been playing for years. While being a professional footballer I couldn’t play the game for obvious reasons. Now I can.

According to the reports, he will be the Phoenix’s third-choice keeper, and will train when his Chelsea schedule allows.

He is also likely to make his debut this weekend.

Guildford Phoenix have also confirmed the contract as they disclosed that they are happy to have signed Cech, who they consider to be hardworking.

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