Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Prisoners have rights to be fed well – Senator Chukwuka Atazi

Senator Chukwuka Atazi representing Enugu North Senatorial district on Friday in the 2020 budget defense of the Ministry of Interior attacked Minister of Interior Mr Rauf Aregbesola, telling him to feed the prisoners well as all prisoners have right to be properly fed even while in remand waiting for their trials.

Enugu senator made it clear that he had been to these prisons in Nigeria and the ration of the prisoners have nothing to write home about.

He urged the Ministry of Interior to improve upon the ration of inmates in the various Nigeria Correctional facilities as he decried that, there is nothing to right home about in the conditions there which he specifically talked about their feeding before every other things he lamented.

He also made it known that any sane person imprisoned in the Nigerian Correctional facilities will return insane as a result of how they are been treated. He lamented that prisoners are not been treated like human beings and that these ill treatment makes them insane after serving their prison terms

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