Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

NLC President, Ayuba Wabba

New Minimum Wage: Labour cautions FG against Increasing PI Tax

Friday, remember Federal government and organized labour reached agreement on consequential adjustment in  the new minimum wage from level 6 to 17, with agreement as thus: 23.2 percent salary increase for workers on grade level 07; 20 percent increase for grade level 08; 19 percent for level 09; 16 percent for levels 10-14 and 14 percent for levels 15-17.

Today, Nigerian Labour Congress president, Ayuba Wabba has made it clear to the federal government not to consider increasing the personal income tax,electricity bill or tariff, prices of petroleum products among others. because of the Increase of the minimum wage.

He further cautioned the government to allow workers to enjoy the new income or wage arrangement, that attempt to increase the personal income tax is equivalent to not increasing or implementing new minimum wage and this could result to strike and other industrial actions by the workers or labour in the country.

Mr Ayuba again said signing of the agreement is a victory for Nigerian workers.

He further thanked all Nigerian workers and other affiliated
unions for their patience, support, solidarity, and unity of purpose throughout
the difficult negotiation processes with regards to the new minimum wage initially for grade level 1-6 and then the Consequential Adjustment from grade level 7-17. He urged all workers to be completely dedicated and committed to their jobs as they benefit from the new minimum wage implementation.

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