Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Labour Soon to Commence Battle with States On New Minimum Wage Implementation

Few days after federal government and Nigeria Organized labour reached an agreement on the implementation and consequential adjustment of the new minimum wage with 23.2 percentage increase for workers at grade level 07; 20 per cent for those at grade level 08; 19 per cent for workers at grade level 09; 16 per cent for those on levels 10 to 14; and 14 per cent for workers at grade levels 15 to 17, organized labour in the 36 states of the federation are however not sure or certain if their various state governments will adhere or comply with such an agreement reached with the federal government with regards to the #30,000 new minimum wage of grade levels 1-5 and the consequential adjustments of grade level 6, 7-17.

These doubts are responsible for the planned showdown between organized labour in the 36 states of the federation and their various state governments. These doubts arises from the endowments of states and their abilities in terms of natural and mineral resources. Some states like Lagos, Borno, Rivers, Delta, Kano, Katsina etc have all reiterated their interest to pay and make the workers happy.


More details later as these talks between organized labour bodies in the 36 states and the state governments unfolds………



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