Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

7 Habits That Could Be Preventing You From Getting Pregnant

Does everything seem okay but yet you haven’t gotten pregnant after about a year of unprotected sex?

There may be underlining factors and habits affecting your fertility which you aren’t taking note of.

Take a look:

1. Taking certain medications

Drugs like antibiotics, antimalarial treatments and other drugs you are taking for some diseases or infections may affect your fertility.

Always ensure that you check the slip before taking drugs. There are instructions for women who want to conceive.

2. Excess intake of Alcohol

Alcohol is definitely not great for your body if you want those eggs to fertilize and develop into an embryo.

If you’re a lover of beer and red wine, you should cut down your alcohol intake to once a week.

3. Smoking

Smoking should not be in your agenda. It is harmful to your Fallopian tubes, and it can cause cervical diseases. It can also damage your eggs and cause miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

4. Excess Caffeine

Some relevant research has it that you should not consume more than 300 mg of caffeine a day.

foods to avoid period pain

If you are addicted to taking caffeine especially for a workaholic, please reduce your intake for fertility sake.

5. Strenuous Exercises

Exercises are good, but strenuous exercises are not so great for fertility. There may be some pressure in your body that won’t allow the embryo to develop in your body.

6.Junk food or snacks to replace real food

We have many cases of Nigerian women having to take snacks and other junks when they are hungry and can’t eat food.


As much as possible, monitor your eating pattern and ensure you always eat nutritious food.

7. Not regularly visiting your gynaecologist

It is important that you see a gynecologist, especially one that specializes in family planning.  The doctor will help keep track of the things you do and the food you eat that could support your fertility.

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