Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Turn Heads At Your Next Wedding Party In These 10 Unique Gele Styles

Is your outfit complete for that Owambe? Do you know the type of gele you want on? An Asoebi outfit is incomplete without the touch of a beautiful gele. Although, some people think it’s too stressful to have a gele on; if you want to turn up at that party like a fashionista, your gele game has to be lit.

Gele styles have evolved from just the step by step to a more creative style that would make you the centre of attention. This post will show you various types of styles that you can pull of with your gele and still have that chic vibe.

Here are 14 styles you should try for your next Owambe.

1.This style will make you look amazing

2.You would become the center of attraction at that Owambe with this gele

3. Look cute at that Owambe

4. Be the fashionista at that Owambe in this gele

5. We’re so in love with this style of gele

6.Make an entrance with this lovely style

7.What a gorgeous look!

8.Have a blooming look in this style

9.Iconic and colorful!

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