Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Who Wore It Better? Tomike Adeoye And MizWanneka Spotted In The same 2-Piece Ensemble

Today’s “Who Wore It Better” features Actress/media personality and Hair entrepreneur Wanneka ‘Mizwanneka’ Nkumah are the latest fashion influencers to face off in a style battle.

They were both spotted wearing the same two-piece ensemble on Instagram and we can’t help but ask who wore it better? Tomike slayed her Dubai trip donning the look paired with strappy heels and sunglasses on a sunny day.

Tomike Adeoye and MizWanneka in Ky Luxury OnoBello-1-2

While Mizwanneka arrived in Ghana with the same look, but instead she wore sneakers letting down a few buttons to show off some cleavage.

Tomike Adeoye and MizWanneka in Ky Luxury OnoBello-2
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