Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Akon reveals he is building his city

American and Senegalese artiste and record label owner, Akon, in a latest interview has revealed he is building his own city in Senegal.

He revealed he started building the city in March and it is expected to be completed in 10-Years time.

A social media report by the Shade Room writes:

It’s cute to have your own lil’ mansion or even your own lil’ private jet, but I don’t know too many celebrities out here with their own cities!  It looks like Akon is the first of his kind! He recently stopped by #NickCannon’s morning show to discuss what he’s been doing, including the progress he’s made on the massive city he’s bringing to Senegal.

Though he revealed he was planning to build the city last year, in the interview with Nick, Akon not only confirms he’s been building his city since March, but he also says the city will be called ‘Akon City.’ He also adds the whole city will be ran on renewable energy sources. Along with that, the city will also have an airport for us non-city owners to fly in and out of!

Akon also has plans to use his cryptocurrency, ‘AKoin” to build the city’s economy.

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