Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

Is Pepsi finally feeling intimidated by Bigi??

One of the world leading beverage makers, Pepsi remains a top brand across the world, Nigeria inclusive but they are beginning to get a set back in terms of the buyers of their soft drinks in the West African country.

Pepsi, who arrived in Nigeria to compete with the likes of Coca Cola for the country’s market is now faced with competition from a new beverage maker, Bigi, which have however gained ground.


Bigi was able to penetrate into the Nigerian market by coming with a larger bottle size and different flavours for customers and it is a surprise, Pepsi is just seeing them as a threat to their existence in the Nigerian market.

According to some report making round on social media, a mail supposedly from Pepsi CEO to his Sales/Marketing team indicates that Pepsi is finally feeling intimidated.


While the authenticity of the mail can’t be confirm, it has raised some dust on Social media.

The Suppose Mail from Pepsi Ceo

However, a look at the reality calls for Pepsi to be worried and look for ways to re strategize and compete for the market alongside Bigi.

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