Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Leadership Nuggets From 33 year Old Bella Disu Who Sits on 4 multi-billion dollar boards

Learn essential leadership nuggets from Bella Disu, the 33-year-old executive vice-chairman of Globacom who also sits as a director on the board of Julius Berger, has shared seven tips to help businesses grow.

She is the youngest member of the board of Abumet Plc, a 28-year-old glass, and aluminum manufacturing company, and leading construction company in Nigeria, Julius Berger.

Disu, who is the daughter of billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga, said some of the tips she shared has helped her performance across all boards she sits on.

“As a member of the Institute of Directors, I attend Director Development Trainings. The knowledge gained during these trainings help my performance as a member of four boards across different sectors,” she said via a LinkedIn post.
“Over the past two days, we were taught modules on Board Dynamics, Board Effectiveness, Boards & Business Development, and Risk Management.
“I learned so much from the facilitators. Here are some life nuggets shared that are applicable to all.”
Disu, who joined Globacom in 2004, at the age of 18, said empathy and diplomacy are important for managing people.

1. Positions don’t make people, people make positions.
2. Blame in secret, praise in public: handle issues with diplomacy. Dignify people with private constructive criticism. An audience is not required.
3. Empathy is an important principle in management: always try to see things the way others see them. Develop emotional intelligence.
4. A life spent making mistakes is better than a life with no action. We grow from our mistakes.
5. We are aware of (and maybe even practice) SMART goals. There should be SMARTER goals: E for Ethical, R for Rewarding.
6. Celebrate one another and the results of your collaboration!
7. Always bring your core competencies, even to areas that aren’t your core specialty.

She hold a BA in international relations from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

In 2011, she took on the additional role as the CEO of Cobblestone Properties and Estates Limited, and has led the development of luxury residential property, Sisi Paris.

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