Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

NUC Uncovers 100 Fake Professors across Nigeria Universities

The National University Commission on Tuesday said it has unravel the scenario of Nigeria Universities harboring 100 fake professors across Nigerian Universities in the country. The NUC is an advisory and regulatory body on issues that concerns Nigerian universities to both the Federal and state government. It is in charge of the accreditation of Courses in the various universities and set standards for all universities to pursue.

The commission’s Secretary Professor Abubakar Saheed said yesterday that, the commission in its November bulletin has published the names of the fake professors across Nigerian universities in the commission’s website and have sent the names to Vice Chancellors of the affected universities for verification.

He said: “The updated version of those documents will be published by December 2019 and professors in their respective universities uploaded their CV on the website, which was used in the compilation of the directory. About 100 fake professors also uploaded their details but we detected them.

Professor Abubakar made this known in the Vice Chancellors 2019 retreat.

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