Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Prophet GEJ Prophesied in 2015 About The Oppression and Repression From Buhari As Nigerians Choice

The actions of DSS on Sowore only reminds me of what Goodluck Jonathan said before he left office.

“When I’m gone you will appreciate the level of Freedom you have in my administration”

“The choice before Nigerians…is simple:

“A choice between going forward or going backwards”

“A choice between FREEDOM & REPRESSION and desperate POWER SEEKERS with EMPTY PROMISSES.

Jonathan for saw these, now they are happening and Courts rules and verdicts are been disobeyed, the Constitution is weakened, law enforcement agencies are now absolute government instruments, National Assembly collaborates with the Presidency to slain Nigerians, and Press freedoms are been limited and different kind of aggressive bills are been sponsored to silence citizens freedom of speech and other undemocratic political decisions.

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