Sun. Jan 26th, 2020
Udeze Ernest

Meet Udeze Ernest, The Man Behind Multiple Youth-Led Malaria Projects

Meet Udeze Ernest, The Man Behind Multiple Youth-Led Malaria Projects.

Malaria is a significant public health problem with a high global burden, particularly in Africa and Nigeria where malaria is mostly pandemic.

Today we will try to recognize an Individual who has contributed immensely to the fight against Malaria, through a myriad of Youth Led malaria interventions and advocacy programs.

Our team had a chat with Udeze Ernest and we discovered how deeply concerned he is with the fight against Malaria, he also led us into his passions, Lifestyle, projects and prospects.

Just so you know, he is currently the National Focal Personal (Nigeria)  GYPAMAH(Global Youth Plan Against Malaria, HIV/Aids) also doubles as a Mariner, who specializes in Cargo/Ship Inspection,  we also found out he is the founder/CEO  Propertify Nigeria  which boasts to be the fastest growing Real Estate Marketplace in Nigeria.

The Ebonyi  State born  middle aged young man is burdened by several cases of malaria deaths in Nigeria especially the Northern part of the country. In 2008, he flagged off his first Malaria Awareness campaign back in Bauchi state, as informed by his personal experience in Bauchi Suburb.

He Has initiated and completed several youth led malaria advocacy and sensitization projects in different parts of Nigeria, Bauchi State, Ebonyi State,  Nasarawa State, Enugu state, with scalable results, some of the most recently completed projects are:


This landmark Educational project was made open to all African youths between the ages of 18-35 years.
According to him, this project was argued to be the most challenging educational experiment on malaria on African soil.

The participants of this 3 weeks project, were subjected to a compulsory flashback to their childhood  malaria experiences, traditional beliefs, folklore and myths surrounding malaria in their various societies.

The end result also provided a platform to uniquely integrate these exciting scenarios with the modern cross-sectoral approach to malaria control.

Participants argued that the course was invaluable and timely, with a strong internal motivation to fight Malaria and other tropical diseases.

The Project aimed at
1.  Introducing a platform that will critic the efficiency or the inefficiency of traditional remedy to malaria and also to provide a forum that evaluates the need to incorporate these results to the modern malaria control approach.

2.  Re-examining the cross-sectoral approach to malaria control in Africa, and to suggest how to re-strengthen, modify and replicate these approaches for a better result.

Participants were selected based on their ages, location and experiences on malaria and public health, and also on their pledges to transfer the acquired skills to their communities at large. Participants were selected from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Somalia, Uganda, USA, and Sweden,

The course lasted for 3 weeks, from Sept 22 to Oct 13, Certificates were awarded to successful participants and the next and subsequent editions promise to be better, the central coordinator Udeze Ernest assures that next edition will be able to admit more participants from all over the world.

The instructors of the course are seasoned professionals from Oxford University in UK, New Mexico Highlands University USA, and John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. The most remarkable among the instructors being Dr Shiff Clive, of John Hopkins Malaria Research institute, Baltimore.

Other Remarkable projects carried out by Udeze Ernest and his GYPAMAH team include:

  1. Urban Vs Rural Communities, The Myth of malaria Scourge
  2. Multi-sectoral Involvements/intervention in Malaria control
  3. The Role of Nursing Mothers in the fight against Malaria
  4. Economic Burden of Malaria

When asked about the feature and what he plans next, He informed us that His team and him are currently targeting the Secondary school Students of Lagos state, with a Project labeled All Lagos Secondary Schools Malaria Quiz, aimed at creating the consciousness of the dreadfulness of Malaria among the teaming Lagos youth population .



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