Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Quasem Soleimani: US House Approves War Power Resolution to Restrict Trump on Iran

The United States House of Representatives have on Thursday passed a resolution restricting President Donald Trump’s use of U.S. military power in the Middle East.

Yesterday, reported that, the US House led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it public on Thursday to vote towards limiting the War Powers of the President of the US.

CBS News reported that, the measure, which relies on the original War Powers Resolution of 1973, was passed by a vote of 224 to 194 and now goes to the Senate.

Eight Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the resolution, while three Republicans voted in favor. Seven of the eight Democrats who voted with Republicans are freshmen.

This bill is known as “Concurrent Resolution”. Meaning that, only the approval of both chambers of Congress and does not go to the president for his signature. Republicans argue this makes the bill non-binding and largely symbolic.

The vote on the resolution was sponsored by freshman Democrat congresswoman and former intelligence analyst Elissa Slotkin.

The concurrent resolution “directs the President to terminate the use of United States Armed Forces to engage in hostilities in or against Iran or any part of its government or military” unless Congress has declared war or specifically authorized engaging in hostilities, or if “such use of the Armed Forces is necessary and appropriate to defend against an imminent armed attack upon the United States.”


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