Thu. Feb 20th, 2020


Writting songs is not a big deal, it is a professional job that files you on thesame rank and file of intellectual property owners as musicians, it is important to note that DAVIDO never claimed the writership of a number of his hits, some of which includes IF, FALL, MIND and even RISKY.

There are several shadow-writers in the music industry but our greedy Nigeria artistes will never give public accolades to them, in foriegn countries, this is not a big deal, writers are contacted and under to deliver tunes for music artistes, comedians and even politicians.

Jennifer Lopez had Ashanti write and even go as far as shadow-voice some of her award winning songs, Celine Dion, R-Kelly, Beyonce, Keri Hilson and many other artistes in advanced and enhanced countries, songwriters are honoured and enrolled into lifetime royalties for the works.

But here, our artistes are greedy to take their songwriters public as well as give them accolades. The musician want to be singularly acknowledged for writing, singing, producing, video directing promoting and even awarding themselves by themselves, funny but greedy bunch, they start feeling news when the actual writer gets public.

Finally it’s not a news that Davido stopped writing most of his songs after the release of his OBO (first) album, the single from IF were not self written, it took a major effort of TEKNO. However, Davido’s writers includes MAYOURKUN, PERUZZI and ‘LIKE DAT’ written by the Uyo Meyo crooner, TENI amongst others.

Nigeria artistes should learn to share the glory of their good works.

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