Wed. Apr 8th, 2020


Story gathered from close source said “His name is Dr Okonta and he works with FMC Owerri as a Gynecologist and at Vedan Hospital Owerri as a consultant. He met his wife who was a Nurse at Vedan Hospital Owerri but didn’t do his background check on her properly. His wife injects petiden/painter on a daily .She gradually increased the doses to 8shots a day and became a real junkey. It affected her and she was taken to a Rehab which her husband paid for.

After coming out and not having access to the shot as the Hospital had sacked her, she embraced other cheap drugs and was admitted again in the rehab a second time. She came out of the rehab but relapsed after a while and was rehabilitated a third time. Coming out of the Rehab she chose to move out of the house so as to have unfettered access to her Drugs and her guys. Her husband in all these never stopped caring and looking for a solution to her attachment to hard drugs.

He was coming out of the Church when he saw his wife and her 4guys and she told them, this is my husband ….

kill him! The boys descended on the man knocked out all his teeth and left him for Dead. She then called his mother to come pick up his dead body.

He is presently in the ICU unit of FMC and my personal friend who happens to be his friend as well has visited and given me the details this night.”

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