Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Awakening046 Set To Hold Maiden Edition

Awakening 046 is the theme for the tales of a successful entertainment industry effect in the city of Onitsha, which was christened after the code name (OTTW) which in essence means 046 To The World as scribbled from the city’s area code.

The fast rising city of Onicha-Ado is scarcely felt in the entertainment industry, although this same place is renowned for being the business hub of the South Eastern region in Nigeria, the city is not quite known for any major unique fete as there are little or no practioner in the endtertainment industry from this axis.

We have therefore caught the vision with our passion and found the actual need to put our darling city on the ever trending and highly commercialized entertainment map of Nigeria and offcourse from Africa to the world as we take solace in the popular saying that goes as thus” “no great fete can be achieved without passion”. – Hebbel

We have put up this symposium to create a platform that will inspire, motivate and elevate participants thereby impacting on success minded and passion driven individuals who will attend en-mass for the necessary insights and knowledge that will be lavished on the participants on the said date.

The nitty-gritty ofsuccess in entertainment, business and career will be unveiled with necessary issues discussed to arm, empower and propel participants on their life changing journey of success.

Remember! Success is taken and not given, therefore when something big is at stake, the game just gets higher.

Awakening046 will feature renowned personalities from Nigeria and accross the globe as speakers to spark up the genius in participants toward becoming achievers.

Something big is about to happen in 046, It will be a priceless moment of a life time, avail yourself of this lifetime privilege to be enlightened by these carriers of light as great light will be beamed on your pathway to greatness.

“A bird that wants to fly above the ground must first distinguish itself from chickens.” “We’ll burn till we flame up in glory”
“The depths we feared became the ground we stood upon”. The originator of these great quotes amongst other personalities will be live.

With a participation fee of 1k (one thousand naira only) you shall access and hear from distinguished individuals, who have made Kings and Queens in the entertainment industry as they thrill you with working and workable tips to “BLOWING” in the entertainment industry.

Also in attendance will be accomplished businessmen, career/life coaches, OAPs to mention but a few will be revealing in depths, the truth you seek on your choosen path.

Awakening046, ensure you do not miss out. This symposium is package and brought to you by Sne Promotions under the inspiration and chairmanship of Don Victor Dennis.

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