2023 and the persecution of Senator (Dr) Orji Uzor Kalu – Victor Kingsley

Sometimes ago, I was speaking to some audience who cared to listen that 2023 has started playing out earlier than I thought, with the closure of borders, targeted at the Igbos. They thought that dismantling the financial strongholds of the Igbos would mean stifling their chances for the 2023 Presidency. Allen Onyema’s indictment for money laundering in the US following the pattern.

Chief (Dr.) Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu: Business Mogul, Former Governor of Abia State and Senator for Abia North Senatorial District is ‘ONE VOICE’ that cannot be shut down, when Igbo politics is mentioned. Clipping the wings of a colossus like the Senate Chief Whip should send the clear message to the Igbos.



OUK’s travails in the EFCC is not new to Nigerians; as it was clear that then President Obasanjo, angry that OUK was at the forefront of his extinguished third term ‘fire’. Orji Uzor Kalu was the nitrogen and carbon dioxide with which the flame was completely put out. OUK was rich before he came to Abia Government House, He had several flourishing businesses and had no reason to embezzle government funds.

In Nigeria, once a public official is accused of stealing public funds, it is very simple for ordinary Nigerians to quickly agree with such a story irrespective of facts. Corruption is endemic and stamping it out of any country should be one of the cardinal focus of government but when certain individuals are targeted and falsely accused because they don’t belong to same ethnic group as the First Citizen, we know that all is not well.

A certain governor in the North was stuffing bundles of dollar bills in his ‘agbada and today, he is living large and free, despite all the evidence that he committed a crime, do we then have different laws for citizens based on class, religion and ethnicity? We need to fight corruption but we need to be sincere about it.

You cannot incarcerate Mr. Ndubuisi’s son for stealing cashew while exonerating your son for stealing goat. Let’s fight corruption on the altar of truth and forthrightness. Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has contributed a lot to the economy of Nigeria, creating businesses and employments, putting food on the table of Nigerians irrespective of their tribes, religion or political affiliation. He must be treated with respect and appreciation for what he has done for this country, not to falsely accuse him and drag his name to the mud because of 2023 shenanigan.

If the FG wants to fight corruption, there are clear cases of perpetration. Orji Uzor Kalu is not a criminal and shouldn’t be treated as one.



If there is ever a time the unity of the Igbo nation is being tested, I believe it is now. How you come out from that test would determine the political strength of NDIGBO.

It is common news that the Igbos don’t love themselves, but would prefer to rally around others than themselves. Nigeria has become like a battle field for the Igbo man but he would still chose to side with the enemies, than with his kinsmen.

Those in power know this and they will continue to split the Igbos and ruling them the way they want. If the Igbo man will make headway as long as Nigerian politics is concerned, he must have to first align with his brother.

The Igbos must UNITE. With this piece from one of the greatest prophets that ever lived, I leave you in peace.


“Old pirates, yes, they rob I

Sold I to the merchant ships

Minutes after they took I

From the bottomless pit

But my hand was made strong

By the hand of the Almighty

We forward in this generation


Won’t you help to sing

These songs of freedom?

‘Cause all I ever have

Redemption songs

Redemption songs

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds

Have no fear for atomic energy

‘Cause none of them can stop the time

How long shall they kill our prophets

While we stand aside and look? Ooh

Some say it’s just a part of it

We’ve got to fulfill the Book

Won’t you help to sing

These songs of freedom?

‘Cause all I ever have

Redemption songs

Redemption songs

Redemption songs”

James Soul John

THINKER. WRITER. DOER Creative writer/Content Provider/Media/Public Policy Strategist, Analyst & Moralist.

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