5 Surprising Items You Probably Didn’t Know Are Cleaning Agents

There are some household items that you would never think of using to clean your house. However those items have been tried and tested, and the surprising results are proof that they are also effective as cleaning agents.

Here are five unusual items that you can use in cleaning your house.

1. Toothpaste

You see what a good fluoride toothpaste does to your teeth? It can also do the same thing to your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Surprising right? The chemicals present in toothpaste are very active in lifting dirt and stains from different surfaces.

2. Coca-cola and other carbonated drinks

Coca-cola drinkers will tell you that there is nothing like a chilled bottle of Cocoa-cola after a long sunny day. But if you have decided to ditch coca cola in order to lose weight or be healthier generally and you are looking for what to do with all the tempting soda in your fridge, I have a solution for you.

Use it to wash your toilet. Yes, you read it correctly. Pour coca cola in your toilet bowl and leave it to sit for about an hour. Proceed to wash the toilet normally and you would find that all the hard stains are going off easily. The acids in the Coca-cola will break down the dirt and stains.

If you also have any rusted item that you are looking to resurrect, soak it in coca cola for a few hours, you’d be surprised by the outcome.

3. Vodka

You can use vodka to wash away stubborn soap scum and suds in your bathroom. You can also use it to clean your jewelry and bring it back to its original shine. Vodka can be used it removing sticky objects. It melts the glue and makes it easy for you to pry off a sticker or stubborn gum.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda has a number of uses that have nothing to do with baking. From skincare to hair care and dental care. Baking soda can also be used in cleaning surfaces and raising stubborn stains from outfits. You can make baking soda into a thick paste and rub it into the cloth stain. Leave it for a few hours, then wash.

You can also use it in cleaning your kitchen sink and metal utensils as it helps to lift stains from objects like this.

5. Bread

Bread can be used to pick up debris from surfaces and wipe them down. I know this sounds unusual but the stickiness of bread makes it a very good choice for cleaning polished wood surfaces. and removing stubborn marks and fingerprints.

Now you know what to do with that bread that has been in your fridge for months. You’re welcome.


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