7 Reasons Why Your Long Time Boyfriend Will Never Marry You

My name is daviyjones, you already know that but what you might not know is the top 7 list why nigerian BF don’t marry their GF. Don’t forget I’m the man of list.

1. He has enjoyed every part of you :
Nobody likes to eat rice all the time or beans, consumers always change taste in this case guys are the consumers. He has been straffing you for months and years same Kitty-Cat, same boobs. The guy got to change taste.

all you bring is your problem or family’s for discussion :
Most girls do this, when they start a topic it must be about something the guy has to do for me,mostly financial problems. Sooner or later the guy will run away from liability. As if is only girls that have problem in this world.

you have collected the BRIDE PRICE already. : the money some guys spend on GF is enough to pay her bride price for 20 consecutive years, iphone6 price can even build a mansion in her village.

when you keep male friends like movie collection :
There is probability that out of every 6 male friends a girl keeps, there is a Side-guy or BF amongst them.

when he discovers how promiscous you use to be : you use to be runs girl,olosho,slut and suddenly change when you see him as special guy, trust me when he finds out about your dirty pass he will never let go and will dump you .

when he discovers he is not the true landlord of the honney-pot;
Guys always have ears around their GF even side-chick.whenever he heard you have a main guy from family and friends. He won’t dump you but turn you to sex slave and wil never marry you.

if you are beautiful but dumb : average looking girls are more intelligent ( prove me wrong). Men love beautiful girls with brains. Funny you can’t have them all. Because beautiful ladies are overwhelmed by their beauty and proposals they get from admirers which make them spend more time on their body than brain.

[i]Written by daviyjones

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