8 Easy Ways To Boost Fertility Right After A Miscarriage

The time after a miscarriage can be very stressful, emotionally and physically. However, there are certain things you can do to boost fertility right after a miscarriage in order to increase your chances of conception. Make sure you consult your doctor before trying any tip you find on the internet in order to be safe and sound.

Here are 14 ways you can boost your fertility right after a miscarriage.

1. Substitute Junk and Fast Food with healthy alternatives:

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Even if you are trying to gain weight or boost your hormones, junk food with all its unhealthy fats is not the way to go. The fats and in junk food can easily clog your arteries and make you unhealthy. Try to cut back on sweets and junk in general or replace them with delicious fruits and nuts that can help to satisfy cravings and boost your hormones.

2. Cut Back on alcohol:

Alcohol contains more unhealthy sugar than you can imagine. Unhealthy sugars are also not beneficial to your fertility as they inhibit you from being as active and functional as you need to be in order to conceive. Frequent alcohol consumption also reduces estrogen level but an occasional glass of red wine can help to brighten your mood an improve your health.

3. Track your weight:

It is important that your weight remains at a healthy place. This is not the time to start yo-yo dieting or any other kind of meal plan that is restrictive. Eat all the necessary nutrients that you need to maintain your weight. Too much fat in the body also restricts the hormones from working the way they should, thereby reducing chances of conception.

4. Be more physically active:

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Exercise has been seen to improve overall health, increase sex drive in women and improve fertility. It also helps to reduce stress levels in the body thereby making you more likely to conceive after a miscarriage. When exercising after a miscarriage, pace yourself and do not engage in very strenuous exercises ans this can do more harm than good.

5. Quit smoking:

Smoking of cigarettes is generally harmful to the health and it can significantly inhibit the hormones from working appropriately. If you are trying to conceive, do well to stay away from cigarettes and other toxic recreational activities.

6. Avoid Harmful Chemicals and air pollution:

Toxins are constantly in the air and it is important that we limit our interaction with them. Toxins affect the body by going straight through the lungs and into the blood stream to weaken the immune system and inhibit the hormones.

7. Take Fertility Supplements:

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Certain supplements can help in improving fertility and improving your chances to conceive. You can take a combined supplement like Maca powder, fenugreek and so on  to boost fertility. Remember to consult your doctor before trying any new things in your diet.

8. Get enough sleep every day:

Sleeping is important because it is during this time that our bodily cells regenerate. You need to take ample time to sleep if and when you are ready to conceive. If possible take short naps so as to signal to your body that it is at rest.

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