8 Funny Ways Broke Guys Spend Their Christmas

During this festive season, guys who are not financial strong will abduct hilarious ways to ensure that they spend Christmas at all cost.

The funny ways Broke guys spend their christmas are as follows;

1. They hang out at clubs/joints expecting someone to buy free drinks for them

Broke guys use the festive season to form unnecessary cliques with people at club house just to look for someone who will buy beer and other drinks for them. I am sure that “Awon werey” crew do this a lot.

2. Give unnecessary excuses to their girlfriend and family

When christmas comes, a broke guy gives tales by moonlight story for his girlfriend and family claiming he was attacked by armed robbers during his journey home hence he can’t buy anything for them.

3. They lock their door when eating packaged food offered from their neighbour

Broke guys don’t have calender for festive period and as a result of this, when they have visitors on christmas day, they will offer pure water or nothing. Meanwhile when the visitors leave, they quickly lock their door to eat the food offered from their neighbours.

4. They hide at solitary place

It’s quite funny when I see some broke guys enjoying their christmas at solitary places such as public secondary school, under a tree and others. They do this in order to avoid spending for their friends at Christmas day.

5. They take several selfies at shopping mall

The moment a broke guy steps his foot at shoprite, he will take several selfies telling his friends on BBM, facebook and whatsapp that “this is the best christmas I have ever celebrated”.

6. Visit several friends house to eat

Owing to the fact that they can’t afford to buy chicken, rice and other commodities, they will visit their friends house at Christmas to eat several collection of food. They do this because they know the next few months will be difficult for them to afford quality meal.

7. They enjoy free BRT ticket in lagos from dawn to dusk

When ambode declared that today there will be free BRT ticket for lagosians, the broke niggers in my street were so happy to the extent that they said they will board BRT buses from 7.am to 10.pm. “Shey na fun be this one too”?

8. They attend carnival shows

Broke guys storm carnival shows to watch the life performance of pasuma, obesere and other celebrities because it’s free. That is why such shows are unusually crowded.

Godspower Oshodin

Godspower Oshodin is the CEO of Solution Media Global Limited, Media Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, Speaker, Author, United Nations Volunteer, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Founder of Naija Gist and Gossips, and Co-Author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'.

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