8 Ways Guys Frustrate The Life Of Ladies With Small Bosom & Butt

It’s said that guys are normally fascinated by the looks of ladies ranging from bosom to butt, but when they discover that a lady is deficient in these endowment, their interest and chase for her depreciates.

Below are the ways guy frustrate the life of such ladies;

1. They ridicule her in public

The moment guys discover that a lady possess small bosom and butt especially when she says NO to their love proposal, they will say… “she no kuku get yansh before”, “men don press piano tire 4 her body”. cheesy

2. They complain bitterly about “nothing to grab” during fore play

Most time guys complain bitterly that there is no fun when having rendezvous with small endowed ladies unlike the elaborate ones. They further emphasize that there is no “pillow” to grab and lean on.

3. They find unnecessary excuse to break up with her

Because they are tired of not getting maximum satisfaction during their relationship, they will give ridiculous excuses like condemning her to be a slut, tag her a gold digger and other things in order to break up with her. You must have seen some ladies opening threads complaining that their boyfriends want them to go for bosom/butt enlargement.

4. They praise big bosom and butt ladies in front of them

Some guys will never cease to amaze me cheesy. In order to offset small butt/bosom ladies, they will heap praise on ladies with big body endowment just to intimidate their counterpart. Infact they make it look like the huge butt/bosom ladies are wife material in front of them. cheesy

5. They discourage their friends from wooing her

The way some guys analyse the shape of ladies body, one will think that they hold PHD in women affairs. That reminds me of when kinglekan came to seek advice from me and tosyne2much that he wants to woo a certain babe, we were like ”kinglekan shey u blind ni, d babe no get front and back ministry na? gringringrin“.

6. They stare at other ladies passing by

It’s quite funny that some guys will be staring at other ladies “ukwu” cheesy even in the presence of their girlfriend. This is one of the frustrations ladies with small bosoms/butts normally face cheesy

7. They tag them “Tomboy”

I have lost counts of situation where guys tag ladies with small butt/bosom as tomboy. Guys are like; “Me no fit date babe whey e get man body oo”. See as she dey waka like man sef sad

8. They ignore their sexual advances

As vague as this may sound, yes it happens. If a lady is deficient of bosoms/butt, and she makes intimacy advances to a guy, the guy will definitely turn her down. This is another frustration dey face.

Godspower Oshodin

Godspower Oshodin is the CEO of Solution Media Global Limited, Media Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, Speaker, Author, United Nations Volunteer, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Founder of Naija Gist and Gossips, and Co-Author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'.

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