9th Assembly Are Truly not honourable, but horrible – Timi Frank

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank says that the Nigerian 9th National Assembly are truly not honourable but horrible.

Comrade Timi Frank made this comments about the 9th Assembly from Prof. PLO Lumumba’s speech dated February 21 2020 topic; Role of Democracy in Legislature. At the conclusion of the speech, PLO Lumumba asked members of the 9th National Assembly a very tangible question yet unanswered. “Are you honourable members or horrible members?” PLO Lumumba asked.

Monday, Timi Frank made his opinion registered via his verified Instagram handle #TimiFrankTalk extracting from PLO Lumumba’s speech.

Timi Frank’s Full statement

“By the actions and doings of this 9th APC Assembly Leadership, as it has been described by Prof PLO Lumumba. They are truly not honourable, but horrible.

“Since the inception of this 9th Assembly, instead of taking the People’s decision, they’ve been taking Anti-people’s decisions. They’re for themselves and not for the people.

“Instead of making laws for Nigerians, they’re making laws for themselves that will benefit and profit them.

“We can’t blame the Executives for their actions and the kind of things they propose to the Legislators; because we have ‘Copy and Paste’ and ‘Hallelujah Boys’ in the 9th Assembly, this is what we get.

“We pray and hope that this 9th Assembly will be the last horrible Assembly Nigeria will experience.

“May God save Nigeria from the hands of this Horrible APC Leadership from the 9th Assembly.”

Timi Frank has been a man who has been craving for the Improvement of the legislature in Nigeria to foster good laws and actions that could pave way for the Executives to cater for the adequate welfare and interest of all Nigerians.



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