Akon could run alongside Kanye West as US VP in 2024

African American ace producer, Akon, is ready to play a part in American Political history.

Recall that Ngg.ng reported that Akon revealed he wants to be the US President in 2024.

Well, the star in a latest statement with TMZ disclosed he could run as Vice President alongside kanye West as President in 2023.

In his chat with TMZ Akon said,

“I could run as VP with Kanye as president. I could do that 1000 per cent. You never know. Anything can happen. You never know. You just have to wait till that time to see that. I can’t predict,” said the ‘Lonely’ crooner.

“I said it wasn’t crazy. Whether or not he’s unfit is a different conversation. I think he’s fine. But the world may think different, you know,” he added.

“I’m nowhere near aligned with Trump. If that came to it, and we kind of went head to head, I think that would be a small conversation in the back of the room. I say, ‘Yo, you hold this position. I hold that position and that’s what makes us stronger, the fact that we both disagree’,” he said.

“Working together, we can now fulfil the overall play of what America is looking for. I think that would be a great compromise. Anything can happen. To me, it’s no competition. It’s a matter of what God wills it to be. But I think the combination could be something.”

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