ALAARU (The Carrier):Tayo Afolayan Releases Fast Paced Yoruba Thriller Themed on Viral Infection Amidst Covid ’19 Outbreak


As if a man ahead of his time, Tayo, one of the scions of the Afolayan film dynasty, has released his new film titled, ALAARU (the carrier), a fast paced thriller, themed on viral infection and how it spreads among people.

Although, ALAARU tells an engaging story about cult supremacy on Nigerian campuses, crime combating by the police, and underworld crime dealings, notwithstanding, the film’s plot still managed to mash all this into a plot around the spread of Ebola virus, an epidemic which broke in West Africa between 2014 and 2016.

ALAARU, the carrier tells the story of Wale, a campus cultist who flees a murder scene and resurfaces after about 12 years as a club owner. He gets a contract to assassinate a businessman somewhere in West Africa where he contracted Ebola by touching a corpse and also raping a lady. He returns home to start an outbreak.

In an incredible plot twist, Wale turns out to be one of the very few who are immune to the disease; a mere carrier who is not affected by the grim disease.

Shot on locations in Agbamu, Kwara State, home town of his father, late movie luminary, Adeyemi Afolayan, the movie won Best Actor, Indigenous Film category in the 2015 edition of Eko International Film Festival.

Alaaru was directed by renowned filmmaker, Tunde Olaoye. The movie stars Ibrahim Chatta, Tayo Afolayan and Tayo Adeniyi.

The movie currently shows online at Yorubahood on YouTube.

According to Tayo Afolayan the producer, “This movie provides an active learning environment for it’s audience and encourages the exploration of social attitudes towards the current Virus outbreak in the world and particularly Nigeria and also to shun cultism and its sponsorship,” he concluded.

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