Amb. Simeon Uwa Solidarizes With Africa On The Outbrake Of Coronavirus

Fellow Africans,

Before us is a global pandemic that has ravaged all the fabric of humanity. The facts before us reveal that the effect of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has threatened the entire Human existence in different countries of the world causing casualties, fear and anxiety.

The Covid-19 is a pandemic that touches everyone of us. Therefore, we must all act with prudence and great responsibility to overcome it.

It could be recalled that the leadership of the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP) ~Africa, led other African Leaders (Serving and Former), Diplomats, key Industry stakeholders and other Regional organizations to the 2020 World Summit In Seoul, South Korea within the first quarter of the year, where directional resolutions, communique and road-maps for Africa’s short/long term development were reached.
After the successful World Summit, African leaders returned, equipped with renewed vigor and enthusiasm to engage other stakeholders back home towards manifesting the blueprint reached at the Summit, only to be greeted by the news of the global pandemic.

Be that as it is, this is not time to despair, fear or be enveloped in anguish. It is a new opportunity to collectively summon courage, faith and take responsibility in combating this scourge. Let the memories of the previous global pandemic such as HIV-Aids, Bird Flue, Ebola Virus, which we fought and defeated renew our faith that this COVID-19 shall be conquered.

Be assured that afterwards, a Regional Summit for Economic Impact Assessment, In partnership with our African Leaders, Countries and Agencies in partial fulfillment of our founding ideology which is aimed at building a peaceful and prosperous Africa centered on universal values, shall be organized.

Equally, be guaranteed that all the concord reached at the World Summit in Seoul for Africa’s development are sacrosanct and in due time will be put to work for a better Africa. Let us respect the directives of the World Health Organization, and other health authorities of our different countries, in order to mitigate the spread of this virus. We need you to stay safe, healthy and significant for the new Africa we are working for. Even as we pledge to update you as we progress.

Meanwhile, ISCP~Africa is proud of and remains appreciative of African Leaders for their strategies and proactive efforts in fighting the scourge. We pray for quick recuperation of those infected across the Continent, while registering our condolences to the families of the casualties.
We appreciate all the well placed Africans, Corporate bodies and other donor agencies (within and outside the Region), Media workers, Volunteers and very importantly our Health professionals who have put in their professionalism towards winning the fight against the Covid -19 pandemic.

Yours in Regional development,

Amb. Simeon Uwa
Executive Secretary/Administrator
International Summit Council for Peace ISCP) ~ Africa
April 2nd, 2020


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