Apostle Suleman speaks on how Reinhard Bonnke affected his life

Saturday came with the report that world leading German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke died peacefully surrounded by his family.

Following the announcement of his death by his wife, Ann Bonnke, Nigerians took to various platforms to react to his death as they celebrated a life well spent.

Nigerian popular cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministry also reacted to the death of the late German Evangelist.

However, Apostle Suleman recalled the the deceased affected him with his radical passion for evangelism.

In a tweet, Suleman wrote:

“You affected me so much with your radical passion for evangelism. You finished your assignment and in your lifetime handed over to your successor..rest in peace EVANGELIST REINHARD BONNKE. May we also finish well. Goodnight sir..”

Reinhard Bonnke did most of his Evangelical work in Africa and Nigeria was one of the many country that he touched with his good works.

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