Are You An Introvert? Here Are 6 Ways You Can Cope At Work

At work, everyone is so lively and outspoken, but you just don’t get it.

You’re reserved, calm and not all over the place like your coworkers. Also, you talk with people, but not with everyone because you’re an introvert.

Do you feel that you’re not cooperating with everyone in some way?

Here are tips on how you can survive at your workplace without having to feel that you are ‘outside the party’ like the introvert that you are:

1. Ensure you prepare presentations on time

You are not so open with everyone, so it would be hard for you to give excuses for not presenting a project or paper at the appropriate time.

The only thing that would save you is if you are agile enough to do a quick impromptu presentation.

That’s not always entirely possible.

2. Send emails and messages to replace conversations

If you need to suggest something to someone, but you don’t have that courage to, you can just send a message through a workspace app, text or an email.

Also, if you cannot do a spoken presentation, you might as well have it written through your workspace app or email.

If you have questions for other people who do presentations and you are not clear on something, you can as well send a message to them.

3. Take time for yourself

You can think about working in another corner or office if the extroverts are distracting you.

On the other hand, you can get your headphones on and listen to music while you work.

4. Take credit for your work

Remember that extroverts can sometimes be loud and superior, but don’t let anyone take credit for your work.

If anyone else tells a lie about some work just because you don’t interact with them, surprise them with your assertiveness and open up that you are the owner of the work.


5. Be proud to be an introvert

Don’t try to be who you’re not. This may affect your work pattern, as you’ll always be thinking of how to impress your coworkers by being like them.

In addition, your boss may not know your weaknesses and may force you to perform a public activity (which of course, many introverts can’t do)

Don’t feel pressured because you’re not like everyone else. Diversity is key in every environment.

6. Intimidation is a no!

Some coworkers may want to intimidate you and make you feel inferior just because you’re an introvert.

Please, don’t let this happen at any point in time. Stand up for who you are and your duty at your workplace.

Also, don’t let your boss intimidate you because you’re an employee.

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